The meeting starts at 9:00am.
         There is a ride immediately following the meeting. 

Look forward to seeing you at the meeting , and I hope you can join us on the ride.

The Latest News and Recent Rides:

Great day for a ride after our monthly meeting on the 15th. Even better when we can do two rides in one day. One ride to Pyscho Silo in LaSalle - the other to Peoria. We had a great meeting with 5 new riders as guests and some were able to join us on our rides.
The Silo was packed! We discovered there was some sort of a photo shoot going on. Cars, bikes and models.
Had a few tasty beverages, some eats, a couple cigars, and plenty of sun. We had some fun with some folks we met and got some pictures. Boondocks in Senneca was popping a lot of bikes also with some great music by Righteous Hillbilly. 

Great times with 104!!!   

June 24th - Great day to ride and 8 of us took advantage going out to the Bison Corral. Yes, we got lucky and saw bison as they were right along the road but I think we all had more fun in Rochelle at lunch. We stopped at the Flight Hanger restaurant at the Rochelle airport which now houses Chicagoland Skydive.  We hung around for an hour or so after lunch to watch them jump which was  interesting and fun. Thanks to those who came out!

                                                                                                                       WOW! 19 bikes & one car with 24 participating, Lindy's.
                                                                                                                       The weather was brisk for those who attended. The

                                                                                                                       protests from vegetarians were brutal due to all of the

                                                                                                                       leather being worn, I think...
                                                                                                                       Rich's parking lot was as empty as a liberals head early

                                                                                                                       on but the bikes started showing up. And kept showing

                                                                                                                       up until the lot was over capacity. Honestly there were

                                                                                                                       so many bikes we are considering making all rides

                                                                                                                       either spring or fall rides as turnout is slow over the warmer months. Just a thought. When it was time to leave we had Rich's come out and block Archer so all of the bikes could safely leave together. The ride was of the more direct kind with just a few turns in the woods.
The restaurant parking lot was at capacity once we all parked. The waitress was surprised at what awaited her once the doors opened. It was cool and hot chili hit the spot. Let's not forget about the Ice Cream, GOOD STUFF. There was a suggestion to go to the Plush Horse after but it was passed on, this time. After lunch the group left in different directions. I was in a group of 7 who stopped for a cigar and laughs then off to Richs to deliver some chili.
Bottom line is a great turnout for a brisk day. Thank you to those who joined in.    -Henry-

                                                                            Well, it was a beautiful day and 104 had another great turnout, nine bikes

                                                                            and ten members. As advertised we headed out to New Buffalo, MI. with a

                                                                            slightly new route and a couple of new stops.  Traffic was light heading out

                                                                            and our first stop was at Maquette Park in Miller Indiana. I guess I would

                                                                            have to say that it was a bust as the gates were locked and the area in a bit

                                                                            of disrepair. Nonetheless we took a few minutes to take a break and some

                                                                            walked out to the beach while others worked on their 104 BS. From there

                                                                            we worked our way east along the lake into Michigan City where we walked

                                                                            out along the break water so Ed could take some pictures and then on to

                                                                           New Buffalo for lunch. The wait was not great but the food was ok and of course it gave us time to catch up, HA! Everything was going great on the way back until it wasn’t and we spent a good 30 minutes in stop and go traffic. Overall I think all would agree we had a fun day and some nice riding on an awesome Fall day.Thanks everyone for coming out and supporting our club.      Mike

Our next meeting is August 17, 2019 - 9:00am at Rich's Yamaha in Lockport!

 June 30th 2018

We had 4 motorcycles and 1 passenger for the ride. Denis, Sue, Bob, Stewart, & myself. Had a wonderful ride through the cornfields of western Illinois to Mendota for the festival. There were lots of crafts and food vendors at the event. We opted to have lunch at a pretty good Mexican restaurant in Mendota food was good.  We headed back home at got some big deal....the ride was over.
Thanks for those how attended.    Jim

We had five bikes. Bonus bike was the world famous Jim J. We took the big road to Leclaire. Corvette show on the river. No parking. We split n headed to the go fish restaurant on the river. Pork tenderloin was yummy. Everett had the battered walleye!! LMAO! It's a long story. Aaaanyway we continued north Jim n Mike split off at Clinton. We continued on 67 up to 52 into Dubuque.  In to Dubuque then 20 east pitstop in Galena.  Oh yah! Jim n Mike we found ice cream and sweet corn about 3 miles after you left us. $2 a dozen! Ok so ended up with no popcorn or ice cream. Great day all around. 433 miles.  Couldn't ask for a (better) bunch to ride with.        Ed        

June 9th, Star 104 headed out to North Carolina.

Star 104 Roars through Miller brewing

June 2, 2018

The weather was awesome, it got better the closer we got to the lake and let me tell you that was one huge lake.
The ride itself was nice as we found some decent roads once we got off the interstate.
Lunch was good the beach was packed and there was a long line for ice cream, maybe next time.
We had an uneventful ride home which is always good, light traffic.        Thanks to everyone who rode, I had a fun day.

Lockport, Illinois

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Breakfast in the Dells - Sept. 29:     We had at total of 9. Henry, Maria, Frankie, Amanda, Liam, Scott, Liz, Jim and Roberta.
The weather was pleasantly comfortable as the hardened souls journeyed north for the best breakfast ever and to meet up with the two who went in advance in case of Indians. All arrived safe and we gathered for a rustic breakfast. The food was of the 5 star variety and it did not disappoint anyone.  After breakfast our two advance scouts decided to depart ahead of the rest to look for any trouble and to handle it in quick fashion. That was a success.
The remaining 7 travelers decided to scout out the locals in hope of doing some trading. That too was a success as there were sightings of plastic bags being carried. After some hiking we ended up travelling to the mysterious Lost Temple at the request of Liam. It was a very mysterious location with perils and danger around every corner. You'll have to ask Frankie about the wall. Oh the horror! After safely escaping we found our way out of town with a brief stop at the Harley store in town for some treasures.  Once leaving we started our perilous journey back, again not cold where we were. Thanks Jim and Roberta for clearing the path. The trip was not what the original plan was but those who went still had fun. Maybe next year it will be on the schedule in a warmer month.   -Henry-

Star Chapter 104  led 13 bikes up to Milwaukee for a tour of the Miller/Coors Brewery and a riders choice of either the HD museum or the 16th Annual Kite Flight in Kenosha.

Over all it was just another fun day with 104 goofing off as usual.    Our ride captain would like to thank everyone who came out, it is the ride participation that keeps us rolling.

​​STAR  Chapter 104

We are Chapter #104 of Lockport IL, at 18 years, the oldest Illinois chapter. Our Chapter is a fully licensed charter of :
STAR Touring and Riding Association
Our chapter holds monthly meetings on the third Saturday of each month at 9 AM during the riding season (April - October) and 10 AM off season (November - March). The meeting is held at Rich’s Yamaha, 14354 S Archer Ave. Lockport, IL. Chapter rides will alternate between Saturdays and Sundays. Details regarding all rides will be announced at the Chapter meetings and are subject to change. Scheduled rides will be posted on the calendar on this web site and on Facebook.

We take great pride in our Chapter's safety record. All rides are structured around safe riding practices and continued rider education and are non-alcoholic. Chapter bylaws can be reviewed on request.

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  • Saturday August 17th following the meeting - TBD
  • Sunday - August 18th - Long Grove Vintage Days
  • Weekend of - (FRIDAY) August 23rd, 24th, and 25th - LaCrosse Ride
  • Also August 25th - Amboy Depot Days
  • 2019 HAS BEEN challenging due to weather, but there are still great rides scheduled this year!
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